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Assassin’s Creed Fic

All fic completed unless otherwise stated!

The 12 Days of Christmas – Assassin’s Creed -
A series of ficlets based on (a rather loose interpretation) the 12 Days of Christmas. A mixture of gen, het and slash, with a heavy pro-Templar bent. Spoilers for games: AC, AC2, ACIII and AC4!

Day 1- Desmond, gen,
Day 2- Haytham/Charles, wedding Modern!AU
Day 3 - Ben Hornigold, Julien du Casse, Woodes Rogers, gen, hints of slash
Day 4 - Edward Kenway/Stede Bonnet
Day 5: John Pitcairn, William Johnson, Charles Lee, Haytham Kenway, Thomas Hickey, gen
Day 6: Ezio, Claudia, Petruccio and Federico Auditore, gen, family bonding; Ziio and Connor
Day 7: Edward Kenway/James Kidd
Day 8: What if Charles and the others arrived after Washington set fire to the village..? Haytham, child!Connor, Charles: Gen, father-son bonding, friendship
Day 9: Washington discovers that Connor is not as innocent as he seems. washcon!
Day 10: Charles misreads Connor’s obsession with trying to find him and now Connor has to deal with Charles feelings. CRACK.
Day 11: Charles and Thomas worship the Grandmaster as he deserves, or at least Charles shows the proper reverence, Thomas as usual is a dick about it.
Day 12: GEN. They had won. It was over. The future had arrived.

[Rating:- Overall Explicit Gen, Het & SLASH]

Pain and Pleasure - Haytham and Charles reprimand Thomas for being caught and sent to Bridewell prison. As usual however, Thomas manages to have some fun (at Charles’ expense naturally). Dedicated to my friend. Top!Haytham, Bottom!Thomas, bottom!Charles (sub!Charles?).

Haytham/Thomas/Charles – READ TAGS!

[Rating:- Explicit] SLASH

A Good Templar - Following his initiation into the Templar Order, Charles is near overcome with the need to show Master Kenway how much he appreciates this chance and exactly how good a Templar Charles will be.

Haytham/Charles – chaytham SLASH

[Rating:- Explicit]

Drunken Shenanigans - Haytham/Charles - chaytham SLASH

A fill in response to this prompt in the Asscreedkinkmeme on dreamwidth:
Charles is jealous of Haytham's relationship with Ziio and seeing how miserable he is, Thomas Hickey helps him get drunk one night.

Then Haytham shows up and drunk as Charles is he kisses Haytham, and is mortified when he realises what he have done.
Haytham's/ the others reaction is up to the filler :p

[Rating:- Mature]


Colonial Templar Wolves - The adventures of the Colonial Rite of the Templar Order during the French-Indian War as told by each member. As the Templars prosper during the war, extending their control steadily over the Colonies they utilise a gift that not even the Assassins are aware of: they are werewolves.

Haytham has every intention of using this is to his advantage: within his pack, among the humans and against the Assassin Brotherhood.

It is perhaps unfortunate that two of their members Ben Church and Charles Lee are not aware that their fellow brothers are werewolves. However, this will be remedied soon as Haytham has every intention of offering up this precious gift. Whether they have the choice to refuse is another thing.

Ben and Charles are shortly going to realise that werewolves aren’t patient with things – or people – they want and there is no option out.

The other pack members are simply amused and horrified by turns, but in John Pitcairn’s opinion the sooner they are a full pack the better.

William has enough on his hands co-ordinating the alliance with the Six Nations. Thomas as usual is in it for the money, women and bloodlust: more in the know the better the hunt.


Various pairings: Haytham/Charles – chaytham;

[Rating:- Overall Explicit Gen, Het & SLASH]


Halloween 2014 Series

Monster Fun! -To celebrate Halloween I’ve done a few drabbles and a vampire!Haytham [chaytham] fic.

Some of these drabbles are gift fics:

Beware the Wolf for connor1401[Connor, werewolf, Ziio, Gen]

The Hunt for lalafoxtrot [ Haytham, wolf man, horror, Gen]

Sweet Embrace for shaythams-notion [Haytham, Charles, Shay Patrick Cormac, Werewolves, chaytham]

Revenge for sebastiandragon [Woodes/Julien, shapeshifting, ]

Bite of Winter for Starscreamwashere [Haytham, Charles, chaytham, Nature spirits, ]

A New War for undead-lee [Connor, Washington, Charles Lee, Zombies]

My Drabbes:-
Night of the Poms I & II - [Pomeranians, Horror, Gore (cannibalism hint?), Gen, Mature, Haytham, Charles, II- Haytham, Pitcairn, Johnson, Thomas, hint of chaytham]

Mourning [ John Pitcairn, William Johnson, character death, grief]

A Little Witchcraft [Shay Patrick Cormac, Gen, Charles Lee, witchcraft]

Monsters you Know [Benjamin Church, little!Connor, (seven), Monster under the bed, Gen]

Blood and Titties [Thomas Hickey, vampire, blood, het]

Hunting the Wendigo [William Johnson, Joseph Brant, John Pitcairn, Wendigo, reference to cannibalism]


[Rating:- Mature]

+ + +

Faithful After Death - Grandmaster Kenway is a vampire and the Templars must now deal with the consequences. However, they are divided in what to do. Charles maintains Master Kenway survived the grave intact but Pitcairn holds doubts and the race is on to find out if Haytham Kenway is a devil from Hell or still their Grandmaster. Charles is desperate to protect Master Kenway and Shay Cormac could be the only man willing to listen...

Haytham/Charles – chaytham

SLASH [Rating:- Mature]

The Devil & the Deep Blue Sea - In the aftermath of the Battle of Monmouth George Washington fears he will have to have Lee court martialled.

However, upon learning that Charles is an un-bonded Omega a new opportunity arises. George Washington approaches Charles with the offer: marry him and he will drop all charges and Charles can keep his reputation and commission. Charles now must decide whether to accept or not and if this could further the Order’s goals…yet he hates Washington and loves Haytham.

Haytham meanwhile is infuriated when he hears of this deal from Washington.

George Washington/Charles Lee; Haytham/Charles – chaytham



[Rating:- Explicit]

Connor’s Great Idea - Drastic action is needed as he couldn’t bear it any longer. Something must be done. Connor will ensure it’s done. By the end of the day his father and Lee would be together if he had any say in the matter.
Haytham/Charles – chaytham

[Rating:- Teen & Up Audiences]


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