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4th September 2017:
 Further to my entry here, I am much improved now. Consequently I have published Chapter 7 of my fic yesterday. Chapter 8 will follow either on Sunday 17th September or on the Monday 18th. Chapter 9 is on the final half of writing (and needing editing as I'm not entirely happy with the opening scene yet). Thoroughly enjoying writing this now I am well. Thank you for your patience with updates!

18th July 2017: Chapters 7 & 8 are with my beta. :D

9th July 2017: Chapter 7 3/4 written - getting rather long so Chapter 8 will actually happen!

24th June 2017: Chapter 6 is posted here.

Chapter 6 fully cleaned up and will post later today; Chapter 7 to be written! Life is slightly less manic now so should get in more writing hours. Thanks to everyone who is sticking with my fic, with kudos and/or comments :).

30th May 2017: Chapter 5 posted to A03.

Chapter 6 beta-read, being edited / cleaned up by me ready to post once done

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It's been a while, but I've posted a Easter Grimm fic over at A03! 
I wanted to write something light, fluffy and short for Easter.

...Then I wrote this which has a bit of angst and is a bit longer than anticipated! There is a happy ending however and nothing dark.

Disclaimer: Grimm belongs to NBC. Only the original characters and plot are mine.

Nick sees the Easter Bunny. Unfortunately even Monroe says the Easter Bunny doesn’t exist. It’s up to Nick & his son to hunt the Easter Bunny down.

Happy Easter!



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