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Yay! A big relief. Finally finished Chapter six and Chapter 5&6 now are sent to my beta. There isn't too far to go now with the story either, another chapter or two and then complete.
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Finally managed to finish Chapter 5 of my fic! Quite tired but happy. Decided one scene needs to go in the next chap, so Chap 6 will be the 'interlude' in a manner.
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Assassin’s Creed Fic

All fic completed unless otherwise stated!

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So I have neglected posting here on DW this year, so much has happened, therefore doing a Fic Year review to bring everything into order:

Grimm Fic

: Drabble Collection - Three 'drabbles' written for the grimm_challenge Livejournal challenge, which was character focused and between 100 to 500 words:

"Hunger" - Nick

"Death" - Nick

"Childhood" - Sean Renard


[Rating:-Teen & Up Audiences]

: Easter Hunt - Nick sees the Easter Bunny. Unfortunately even Monroe says the Easter Bunny doesn’t exist. It’s up to Nick & his son to hunt the Easter Bunny down.


[Rating:- Teen & Up Audiences]

: grimm_challenge 35 – What happened? series- GEN- -

Delicate Conversations - A short one-shot for Challenge 35 – What Happened? over at grimm_challenge on livejournal, based on a picture of Nick and Monroe eating dinner in Frist Season Episode 'Organ_Grinder'.

This is the 'scene' after the dinner. Monroe and Nick take another step in their friendship.

[Rating:-General Audiences]

Love or Hate? - A short one-shot for Challenge 35 – What Happened? over at grimm_challenge on livejournal, based on a picture of Adalind and Renard, just after Adalind is out of the shower and Renard is whispering in her ear.
This is Adalind's thoughts during that encounter.

[Rating:- Teen & Up Audiences]

: Twisted Roots - Nick ends up imprisoned when he checks out a crime scene alone and it is up to his Wesen compatriots to save him before it’s too late. GEN
[Rating:-Teen & Up Audiences]
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It's been a while, but I've posted a Easter Grimm fic over at A03! 
I wanted to write something light, fluffy and short for Easter.

...Then I wrote this which has a bit of angst and is a bit longer than anticipated! There is a happy ending however and nothing dark.

Disclaimer: Grimm belongs to NBC. Only the original characters and plot are mine.

Nick sees the Easter Bunny. Unfortunately even Monroe says the Easter Bunny doesn’t exist. It’s up to Nick & his son to hunt the Easter Bunny down.

Happy Easter!


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I completed my 12 Days of Christmas - Assassin's Creed type fanfic! It was a lot of fun and I was able to write a few bits that were new to me or wouldn't normally cover, (e.g. CRACK, or Ziio-Connor mother-son bonding etc).

Posted to
A03 and FF.Net.

Next up, continuing my
Drunken Shenanigans which is Haytham/Charles, with "Charles is jealous of Haytham's relationship with Ziio and seeing how miserable he is, Thomas Hickey helps him get drunk one night.
Then Haytham shows up and drunk as Charles is he kisses Haytham, and is mortified when he realises what he have done.
Haytham's/ the others reaction is up to the filler :p
" prompt here asscreedknikmeme!

I'm also working on a Grimm fanfic but it needs more work before I can post, hopefully soonish.

Otherwise, eyeing prompts on the asscreedkinkmeme as I'm eager with the suggestions for more fills in this thread here, and am considering which ones to do (even if they are short).

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Posted more on the 12 Days of Christmas - Assassin's Creed! Days 1 - Day 7, a gen-slash-het chapter & a pro-Templar bent.


Dec. 28th, 2013 07:00 pm
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I've managed to do some writing this past month and I'm quite happy about that considering RL put that hobby on hold for a while!

So, did gift fic for the grimm_challenge and I am slowly posting all to my A03 account, just one left.

I have started my first Assassin's Creed fiction that is posted, a Haytham Kenway/Charles Lee fill for a prompt on the asscreedkinkmeme here, titled 'Drunken Shenanigans' at A03. Also in the process of doing an AC Twelve Days of Christmas tale! eep.

So, busy. :)

But happy!

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Thank you to everyone who has reviewed both The Darkest Hour & The Road to Hell. As I cannot answer all the reviews, (in respect of the non-logged in ones), please let me confirm that I appreciate that you took the time to leave a review! :) Also, I do hope to add to 'The Road to Hell' and also work on a few 'background' scenes from TDH if possible (Renard with poor Doctor Francis related as that has been the request). Currently, I am dedicated to the grimm_exchange [ ] so I can't start on anything for either fic until after that is finished. Thank you again for the touching reviews! ;)

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Feeling rested I must say folks! I returned from a fabulous holiday :-D (truly great) but slept-walked practically the first week back in work. :( HOWEVER, now I'm back to 'normal' and am looking forward to diving into my fanfic. I am on the threshold of completing The Darkest Hour (with intent this weekend) which means my beat can go over before my posting. :) Very pleased. *Would whistle if I had the know how!*
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*dances* I have reached the point in my fanfic (for a prompt on the grimm_kink meme here ) where Nick now receives visitors, that is, Wesen visitors. I'm nervous, but excited at the same time.

So, I'm writing and check my word count and yikes...I have reached (including non-beta'ed stuff) circa 26,200 words... :0 I did not expect The Darkest Hour to reach such a length...and I'm not even finished. Not that I'm complaining! Rather happy if amused by my inital thoughts when starting this fic that it would be a 'mediumish' long fill...

So, I had to stop to grin over this little fact and now back to writing!


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