Aug. 4th, 2017 11:42 am
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So...haven't been able to write Chapter 8 9 because I am sick and got my chapters wrong due to a combination of spending a week with family and friend commitments (which were lovely but tiring!) then I was away on holiday. Now I am ill after my holiday. Chest feels as if I have a disgruntled lodger. Just wanted to post this quickly so any readers know why there is a delay between updates. Chapters 7 and 8 however are with my beta so hopefully ought to be up mid-Augustish.

Chapter 8 9 lol writing will resume as soon as I feel fine again! 

Regards ~ Luthy.

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Finally managed to do some writing over the last few weeks - I've been so run down in work it has been hard to have the energy to do so, without collasping. So, focusing on drabbles or bursts of creativity. Succeeded in posting two short Grimm fics (results of challenges in grimm lj community).

However, really happy with what I have so far and plan to continue.

Also...have wrote my first two Assassin's Creed fic drabbles! :)
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Feeling rested I must say folks! I returned from a fabulous holiday :-D (truly great) but slept-walked practically the first week back in work. :( HOWEVER, now I'm back to 'normal' and am looking forward to diving into my fanfic. I am on the threshold of completing The Darkest Hour (with intent this weekend) which means my beat can go over before my posting. :) Very pleased. *Would whistle if I had the know how!*


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